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  1. How to "Capture" Win 7 Updates?

    I'll try that, thanks!
  2. How to "Capture" Win 7 Updates?

    Here's my current Windows Update dialog: I'd like to be able to 'capture' the updates you see there and be able to install them without relying on Windows Update. I wish this were as easy as a Google search, but it isn't. For now, using Autopatcher allows me to apply most Windows updates without relying on an umbilical to Microsoft. The updates in this image, and a few others, are stragglers that I'd like to be able to install without using Windows Update. Is there a secret to downloading these separately, intercepting them as they are being downloaded, or finding the install packages cached on my hard drive?
  3. I recently lost my mp3 player, and now its time to haul out the old minidisc and put some tunes on it. My preferred way of doing this is to use the Xitel PCLink (Model AN-1), which is essentially an external soundcard. Plugging it in should result in the system recognizing the soundcard and give me the option of using it as my default audio output. This then spits out the sound to the Minidisc, which records music in real time. Archaic, but effective. However, the version of Windows XP I am currently running is one I've stripped out all the original universal drivers using nLite. Up until now I've had no problem, since I've been able to integrate all the 3rd party drivers I need. This device runs off of the generic USB drivers in Windows, which are gone. It shows up in "other devices" in the Device Manager, and XP can't do anything with it without the correct drivers. So, where on my original XP cd can I point to to install the correct drivers? Or is there a place I can get them off the 'net? Anything that keeps me from having to re-install Windows? According to the AN-1 manual, Win2k recognizes the device as a "USB Composite Device, a USB Human Interface Device, and USB Audio Device." thanks, --frog