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  1. i am having issues with trying to install a USB microSD card reader on my laptop. its coming up with the New Hardware dialog, but when i tell it to search automatically, it shows that it recognizes it as USB Mass Storage, then it says Cannot Install this Hardware and "cannot find the necessary software". i just did a clean install of XP Pro last week, and my 100gb external USB hard drive, my USB hub, MSC mp3 player, and a thumbdrive all were installed within the first day or two and all work fine. now i try to plug this in and i get nothing. i have also tried another microSD and a plain SD card reader and was met with the same results. all of those readers were completely plug and play on the old copy of XP Pro. i should probably also mention that the old installation of XP had a lot of stuff stripped out through nLite, and this one had nothing new taken out, but a lot of stuff added back in. i have verified that the card readers work on other computers. after doing some research, i saw some people saying it might be caused by manual drive letter assignments, so i changed all those to the last half of the alphabet but it didnt work. i tried replacing the USBSTOR.sys and USBSTOR.inf with fresh copies, and no change. i also tried following some instructions that were given to someone with a smilar problem by Microsoft that involved deleting some VID registry entries and hidden entries in the Device Manager...but after reboot, i couldn't reinstall any of the stuff that worked before, not even my trackball mouse (same issue with it recognizing stuff but "cannot find the necessary software"). i restored a System Restore Point from a couple days ago and everything went back to working fine except i still couldn't install the card reader. any ideas? are there other files besides the 2 USBSTOR files i mentioned that i should check on or replace?
  2. ok, here is what i have...Archive format is on 7z, Create SFX archive is checked, and Create Solid archive is checked, and everything else is on its default setting. i read in the FAQ on the 7-zip site that the output directory parameter is /D=dir. so do i put /D=%programfiles%\Utilities? i have tried several different combinations with and without "dir", and with and without quotes and i still am not getting it. could you show me what the entire Parameters: field should read? once again, i apologize, i know this is gonna be something simple that i am missing.
  3. sorry, i know this is probably a stupid question. i am trying to create a self-extracting file that contains a couple programs that dont need installation that i want to include in my modified XP install. what parameters do i need to put for it to extract to "C:\Program Files\Utilities"?
  4. i removed the Logical Disk Manager from my copy of Windows that i ran through nLite. now i am trying to get my programs reinstalled and setup the way they were and have run into a snag. i can't change my drive letters so that some of the settings i have already setup in various programs will look for stuff in the right places. all i need to do is change these drive letters, probably just this one time, can i: A) somehow install just Logical Disk Manager from my original unaltered disc to my newly installed copy of XP? or B) accomplish this change through the command prompt or some other software? or C) do i have to redo my ISO, reburn, and reinstall? just to make sure i am refering to the right thing, i go to Administrative Tools> Computer Management> Storage> Disk Management thanks

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