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  1. I have WPI setup on a network drive. I get an error if I browse to the WPI folder over the network and run wpi.hta and it doesn't finish running. However, if I mount that network folder as a drive or remote to the server and run wpi locally the error goes away and it seems to run fine. Both computers (the server and the client) are running Windows XP SP2. it worked fine both ways with v5.5. The error is attached.
  2. I would assume so, since I haven't done any themes yet, it was a freshly downloaded v5.3.
  3. The misc. tab in the options page is only visible when you are on the Interface tab. It disapears for the others (including itself if you click to it from the Interface tab).
  4. Thanks a buch Dynaletik and zorphnog, That fixed it
  5. Thanks Dynaletik, The delay is 5 min (300 sec), and I've attached the useroptions and config scripts in case it's something there. They were created in v5.0, which still works with the same files. I get the error if it's started from RunOnceEx.cmd, or by running wpi.hta from within windows. If I copy the WPI folder to the desktop and run it from there I get the same error (with the URL modified apropriately). This was all done using VMWare Player 1.0.1 (with Deamon Tools 4.03 to mount the DVD image so I don't have to keep throwing away disks). That's probably way more info then you need, but hopefully some of it will be helpful. Thanks again! useroptions.js config.js
  6. It would be nice to be able to sort the list on the config page in other ways that just alphabetical by name (sort by name, sort by install order, sort by order added, etc.)
  7. I get the attached error when the timer runs out on an unattended install from DVD. If I ckick Ok it goes on and does the install just fine. If I catch it before the timer runs out and click begin install it runs just fine. WPI_error.bmp

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