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  1. Yes,I think that it ´s OK,this is a very good job and my intencion is help damian666 to correct errors,bug,mistakes,encounter new ico and bmb...,to do Vista Pack much better.My question is because I have encountered icons in a installation of Vista Pack that perhaps don´t correspond to the correct one.I think that,if it is made for the installer itself ,well,the installer allocate the incorrect target file name,and if it is made at the first stage of constructing the installation,assigning manually the duplicated files to destination file ico or bmp,well,this is OK,this is not a mistake.That ´s all.
  2. Hello damian666.For a few days in last weeks I have been testing your vista-2000 pack and I have encountered something strange.It is long to explain and dificult to understand. I have "extracted" the pack(not installed) and searching Resource dir and I have encountered that there are many reshacker script that have all bmp and ico to patch the file.But not all referenced file exist in the directory.They are missing.Well OK. After that,I have installed the pack(at first time not patching the system files) and searching the same directorys where I see the missing files,I have encountered the missing files!!??,BUT,this files creates during install???(I think,perhaps a routing that you have implementing to create this files during the installation process) are WRONG.Some of them are a bmp or ico repeated in the same directory,other,in different directory.Some of them,well,OK,are right,but other no. For example,a few dirs,with the "extracted"(not install) resource script and a Vista 2000 pack installation dirs whit OK/WRONG?? files: -appwiz.cpl -modify "Resources\appwiz.cpl\1502.ico", ICONGROUP, 1502, -Don´t exist -Created same as 1500.ico -WRONG?? -modify "Resources\appwiz.cpl\5003.bmp", BITMAP, 5003, -Don´t exist - Created same as 5002.bmp -WRONG?? -browseui.dll -modify "Resources\browseui.dll\268.bmp", BITMAP, 268, -Don´t exist - Created same as 267.bmp -This is OK but 267.bmp will be without color. -modify "Resources\browseui.dll\279.bmp", BITMAP, 279, -Don´t exist - Created same as 278.bmp -This is OK but 278.bmp will be without color. -certmgr.dll -modify "Resources\certmgr.dll\255.bmp", BITMAP, 255, -Don´exist - Created as same 252 or 254 BMP-I think 252,254 and 255 are WRONG.252 and 255 have to be the same but at 32x32 and 254 at 16x16. -ciadmin.dll -modify "Resources\ciadmin.dll\406.bmp", BITMAP, 406, -Don´t exist - Created as same 404.bmp -WRONG??,don´t exist in Vista. -cleanmgr.exe -modify "Resources\cleanmgr.exe\113.ico", ICONGROUP, 113, -Don´t exist - Created as same as....???-104 and 113 will be the same than 104.ico;111.ico in "extracted" dir is WRONG,but when patch the system this icon isn´t used,patch whit the correct one,I think, but I don´t understand it. -cmmon32.exe -modify "Resources\cmmon32.exe\101.ico", ICONGROUP, 101, -Don´t exist icons in this dir but create a new one in system patched(this icon don´t exist in Vista,I think),but where this new icon is? -cmstp.exe -modify "Resources\cmstp.exe\107.ico", ICONGROUP, 107, -Same as above -comuid.dll -modify "Resources\comuid.dll\328.bmp", BITMAP, 328, -Don´t exist -Created as same as 327.bmp more small-I think this is OK -modify "Resources\comuid.dll\332.ico", ICONGROUP, 332, -Don´t exist-Created a new one?? that is OK but where is it? -cryptui.dll -modify "Resources\cryptui.dll\307.bmp", BITMAP, 307, -Don´t exist-Creates a new one from 302.bmp but smaller.But OK -modify "Resources\cryptui.dll\313.bmp", BITMAP, 313, -Don´t exist-Creates a new one from...??,is OK but It aren´t from Vista.Are yours,isn´t it? -modify "Resources\cryptui.dll\314.bmp", BITMAP, 314, -Same as above -modify "Resources\cryptui.dll\315.bmp", BITMAP, 315, -Same as above -modify "Resources\cryptui.dll\3416.ico", ICONGROUP, 3416, -Don ´t exist and create one same as 3414.ico,but I think that this time the error comes from Vista because in it,this two icons are the same,but in W2000 are diferent,and I think that they would be diferent. -modify "Resources\cryptui.dll\4103.bmp", BITMAP, 4103, -Same case as 313,314,315 Bitmap. -modify "Resources\cryptui.dll\4999.ico", ICONGROUP, 4999, -Don´t exist and create a new one same as 3410.ico,but this can be OK -cscui.dll -modify "Resources\cscui.dll\1208.ico", ICONGROUP, 1208, -Don´t exist,create new one based in .....?Can be OK?. -dataclen.dll -modify "Resources\dataclen.dll\100.ico", ICONGROUP, 100, -Don´t exist and create one same as 104.ico in cleanmgr.exe??? that can be OK -deskperf.dll -modify "Resources\deskperf.dll\100.ico", ICONGROUP, 100, -Same as avobe but I don´t know where is this file??.In W2000 it is similar to the display control applet in control panel. -dmdskres.dll -modify "Resources\dmdskres.dll\360.ico", ICONGROUP, 360, -modify "Resources\dmdskres.dll\364.ico", ICONGROUP, 364, -modify "Resources\dmdskres.dll\377.ico", ICONGROUP, 377, -This 3 files are the same case,the file don´t exist,created,and the files are correct,but where are the files from? -dsuiext.dll -modify "Resources\dsuiext.dll\4100.ico", ICONGROUP, 4100, -And this 7 files the same,don´t exist,creates new ones -modify "Resources\dsuiext.dll\4114.ico", ICONGROUP, 4114, -based in 4096,4099 and 4111 whit the error that in -modify "Resources\dsuiext.dll\4116.ico", ICONGROUP, 4116, -w2000 4099.ico is diferent from 4114 and 4116,and -modify "Resources\dsuiext.dll\4122.ico", ICONGROUP, 4122, -4130 is not the same as 4100,4122 and 4125(these 3 -modify "Resources\dsuiext.dll\4125.ico", ICONGROUP, 4125, -are closed and 4130 is open) -modify "Resources\dsuiext.dll\4130.ico", ICONGROUP, 4130, -modify "Resources\dsuiext.dll\4132.ico", ICONGROUP, 4132, UUUFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Very complicated really.Well,the really question,apart than a file is or not,How it is posible that if the resouce file neded to parche a system file don´t exit in a "extracted"(not installed)dir,when we make a install of the pack, the lost archives appear???. Yes I know,this is a very long post and perhaps it isn´t very clear.Sorry so much.I´m from Spain and Translator engines are very poor to splain it clearly.
  3. I understand.OK.Well,I have encountered a few error patching system,and files(icons) that are missing or corrupt.When I finished I tell you. A question.Windows 2000 can use 24x24 pixel icon and bigest than 48x48,(64x64,96x96,....)? and, all 32 bit icon have a very noticiable black shadow,very black.There is any form to do this less black?
  4. Well,I´ve patched my system and I´m looking for posible problem or error on patching or in reshacker command,or posible error or differens in icons.I have encountered a few.For example,there are some system files that have only two icons in the same resorce,with the same resolution(16 or 256 or 32 bit) with diferent format(48x48-32x32,48x48-16x16,32x32-16x16,....)and the icon patch have 3 icon´s but with DIFFERENT resolutions(16,256 and 32 bit) in the same format(48x48 or 32x32 or 16x16).When patching the file some resolutions and format disaparens.An example: ORIGINAL acctres.dll: Resource ICONGROUP 100(the language isn´t importand at this time) 32 x 32 (16 colors) - Ordinal name: 1 16 x 16 (16 colors) - Ordinal name: 2 ICON File 100.ico in DIR acctres.dll to pacth the system: 32x32 16 colours - ordinal 1 32x32 256 colours - ordinal 2 32x32 32 bit colour - ordinal 3 System file acctres.dll after pacth: 32 x 32 (16 colors) - Ordinal name: 1 32 x 32 (256 colors) - Ordinal name: 2 32 x 32 (16.8mil colors) - Ordinal name: 9 Can you see the differences?The original 16 x 16 (16 colors) - Ordinal name: 2 is ERASED and changed for 32 x 32 (256 colors) - Ordinal name: 2 that is differents in format(32x32) and in colours(256).This is not a problem for the system?The 100.ico file don´t have to have the same ico that is replaced in the same format? And sorry for my English,I´m from Spain and I don´t know if you can understand me.
  5. I have installed Vista2000 pack but not patched the system.I only want patch a windows 2000 source(CD or in Hardisk) but the cd patch don´t function. AutoIt Error: Line -1: Error:Unable to execute the external program. El sistema no puede hallar el archivo especificado(Spanish)="The system cannot find the specified file"(I think?)
  6. I have encountered two bugs related to this in Windows 2000 pack: - wuacpl.cpl The icon isn´t patches The wuaucpl.cpl.txt show this: [COMMANDS] -modify "Resources\wuaucpl.cpl\102.ico", ICONGROUP, 102, but this icon number and ICONGROUP don´t exist in wuaucpl.cpl.The ICON resouce is 1 to 33,and the ICONGROUP is 1 to 5.And in DIR Resources\wuaucpl.cpl only include only 1 icon and this is a generic icon not related to Automatic windows update Vista icons.I dowloaded the Windows XP pack and the wuaucpl.cpl.txt is OK but not the icons 1 and 4.I copied wuaucpl.cpl.txt from XP to 2000 pack and file are patches OK. -wuauclt.exe The icon isn´t patches The wuauclt.exe.txt show this: [COMMANDS] -modify "Resources\wuauclt.exe\301.ico", ICONGROUP, 301, but in this file DON´T EXIST ICON or ICONGROUP Resource.I don´t know if in XP are the same error.At this moment I can´t check it.

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