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  1. HI I've got a legit copy of w2k. Recently, i went to update at microsoft and installed WGA as requested . Now I find WGA is spyware, and would like to remove it... Any clues TIA --G
  2. From the MS faq http://www.microsoft.com/windows2000/serve.../rollupfaq.mspx "...Windows 2000 systems with SP4 deployed will be 'up to date' from a life–cycle policy perspective until the end of life (EOL) date of Windows 2000. The EOL date will be no sooner than January 1, 2010. "
  3. I use ones . It uses the Prassi engine that once lived in sonic dvd, and earlier, in the freeware sony dvd burner It's shareware, and it is flawless. I used it because Nereo did not seem to properly handle files over 1 GB ( I've lots of 4GB video) http://www.tx-software.com/ --G
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