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  1. i have x64 tihiy, still happens for me though, i am allready on ltest version, tried beta too.


    cant rightclick the startbutton either on my end.


    if you need a log or something, testing whatever, hit me up on PM if ya want.



  2. install went fine here,  wonder if there is anything we can do about windows displaying EVERYTHING in the start menu > all programs?


    cant delete folders there either, all i get is a expand on right-click O.o

  3. Aloha, on 03 Oct 2014 - 07:48 AM, said:


    All the items on Start Menu work fine when I click on them. However, there is something wrong with the next page of Start Menu. The font on the left side doesn't display properly. It looks broken and dim. Not sure if this happens to anyone else or not. But again, the applications all work fine when I run them there.
    I temporarily disable SIB now.


    got this too, also, cant delete items in that list anymore.

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  4. Marxo said:

    I don't want to talk much. Vistapack 3 Preparations for Testing will begin, meaning everyone who want to test Vistapack 3 during the development should sign-up here.

    List of current testers:

    This will be constantly updated.

    as you see, final testing fase is begun, if ya want in, ya need to apply Here

    if ya wonder why signup is on WPC, marxo is resource manager, i am just coding it from now on :)


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