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  1. Hi there. Sorry if this question has already been answered. (i looked all over) I use RyanIntegrater for SP2 and addons. Then I use nlite to cut out the crap and tweak. Then I use BTS DP. Now after this I have two options: use nlite again to integrate Xpize, or just run XPize and choose "Create Xpized Windows ISO". What is the difference? Which one should I choose? Does it matter? Thanks
  2. After checking... yes I do. So should I click that drop-down menu and select "none" for autologon?
  3. Sorry, I still don't understand. I do not disable OOBE in nLite, and I do not remove any required components. If I check "active" for the administrator account the install will skip OOBE. If I uncheck "active" ont he administrator account (and bypass the warning) then Windows will install but I cannot login (blank welcome screen). All I want to do is allow the user to create his own username on install.
  4. If this is true, then how is it possible to get OOBE to run at all?
  5. Thanks! I had the default account "active" box checked. But when I try to proceed with that box unchecked I get the error "You should have at least one active user or you wont be able to login" any ideas?
  6. Thanks i'll try that now. EDIT: Under "Operating System Options" I only removed the "search assistant" and the "Tour". Do I need them in order to allow user rename during install? Thanks again.
  7. My nLite CDs used to allow me to name my user during install. But now with 1.3 it will not allow me to rename the user on install but only after install. XP Install doesn't even prompt me to change the default username "administrator" even though UnattendMode=ProvideDefault. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks
  8. msdemich

    1.3 RC2

    Hi Nuhi, I'm a little worried about BTS overwriting settings created by nLite. You have any thoughts on this? Thanks. I thought that was the case too, but as of the 7.01.2 BTS Base relese it just overwrites whatever Winnt.sif file you have there. Darn! I was hoping I was overlooking something simple. Oh well. EDIT: OK, I guess SOME of it is copied over the UNATTEND.TXT file in i386. Some (like timezone and the KeyCode), but not all that was in the Winnt.sif file. Hummm... I'll try some more manual editing. EDIT #2: Bashrat says that is not possible. Back to the drawing board. http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1357
  9. Yeah, thats what I thought. Which is why I only use RVMintegrator for slipstreaming and nLite for the addon packs. The RVM integrator does not give me the option of putting the addon packs in any particular order. Provided that the packs don't share files, this shouldn't be a problem. But when you are integrating many packs, you get an increased risk of replacing newer files with older ones. There are so many different date formats. For example, I typicly integrate about 20 addons, which have these different kinds of date formats: mm/dd/yyyy dd/mm/yyyy yyyy/mm/dd dd-monthname-yyyy monthname/dd/yyyy Sorting them is a pain, not to mention the potential for user error. It can make those BSODs you mentioned hard to trace.
  10. Nlite could maybe warn you that addon packs may overwrite your theme settings. Other than that, the problem lies between keyboard and chair. thanks
  11. The standalone theme is here: http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?...ghlight=vistaxp But I got the theme from a themepack http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?...ghlight=vistaxp This themepack was installed as an addon with an older nLite ISO on the the computer I am using with nLite 1.2 to compile the new ISO with VistaXp as the default theme. (I really hope that made sense... 2 computers) I think I might have found the problem. The VistaXP theme I am running on my compiling computer is older (i believe) than the version in the themepack. So -though I set VistaXp a certain way through nLite- the theme files are replaced by the theme addon pack and I end up with different color schemes. BTW: I've been using this tool for about 9 months and created hundreds of different ISOs with drivers, addons, etc. I'm still amazed at how well it works. The design and functionality keeps getting better. I'm suprised Microsoft hasn't yet 'acquired' you up like the Sysinternals guys.
  12. I use a dozon or so addons with nlite and they have many different date formats. nLite has trouble putting them in order. I try to sort by date but different date formats congregate together and I have to move them manually by clicking the arrows. (oldest first) I know its a small thing, but when you work with enough addon packs you get tired of having to reorder things each time. Would it be possible to display all the dates in the same format?
  13. Thanks! Could you tell me what the "Active" checkbox is for? BTW, this version of nLite seems to run great! The theme feature is especially cool. Though it would import my present theme "VistaXP", it won't let me select the "grey text" color scheme. (sub-scheme?) No big deal though.
  14. After testing, this does not appear to be the purpose of the "Active" checkbox. Someone enlighten me. However I did manage to get OOBE to work after I changed the automatic-updates back to default. Now it all seems to work! LAST_SESSION.INI
  15. I've made several ISOs with nlite 1.2 so far. I dont mess with the User settings and leave them as default. Sometimes the Out-Of-Box Experience works as it should and prompts me for a new username, and sometimes it does not and instead asks me to login as administrator. (which i don't want) I just want nlite to run the OOBE like normal and prompt me for a new user. I've noticed under the "Users" tab there is a checkbox in "Options" labled "Active". What does this mean exactly? Does it mean that this is the default account? Do I uncheck "Active" for all accounts to get OOBE to prompt me during install for a new User? (Which is waht I want) testing now. LAST_SESSION.INI

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