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  1. Batch Patcher 2.11

    Thanks, I will try with this new version and keep you inform.. I have temporary resolved the problem, I copy batpatcher and qchain on the C drive during the install process, and add a bat file to execute it in the startup group. like this that works.
  2. Batch Patcher 2.11

    I is exactly I have tried but I still have the same issue. Perhaps it is due to the fact I start it from my unattended DVD at the first connection of administrator account. EDIT : I have tested to started directly from the command line and not from my script and all is ok. I used a VB script to start it (RunOnceEx) from registry. here my script: Dim oShell, oFSO, oSysEnv, oStrm2 Set oShell = Wscript.CreateObject("Wscript.Shell") set oFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") set oSysEnv = oShell.Environment("PROCESS") 'Script to find cd-rom letter Dim FileName Dim File Dim Folder Dim FileSystemObject Dim Drives Dim DiskDrive, DriveLetter, DriveType Set FileSystemObject = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") 'Create a filesystem object Set Drives = FileSystemObject.Drives 'Create a drives collection Filename = "setupxp.htm" For Each DiskDrive in Drives DriveLetter = DiskDrive.DriveLetter DriveType = DiskDrive.DriveType IF DiskDrive.isready and DriveType = "4" Then set Folder=FileSystemObject.GetFolder(DriveLetter & ":\") For Each File In Folder.Files If LCase(File.Name) = FileName Then CDLetter = DriveLetter End If Next 'File end if Next Set Drives = nothing Set FileSystemObject = nothing ' end script to find cd letter 'Windows XP Hotfixes Wscript.echo "Installing Windows XP SP2 Hotfixes..." oShell.Run CDLetter & ":\w2kapps\batpatcher\batpatcher.exe " & CDLetter & ":\w2kapps\hotfixes /norestart",0,true Do you have an idea why I have the error with my script and not if i try "G:\w2kapps\batpatcher\batpatcher.exe G:\w2kapps\hotfixes /norestart" from the run command
  3. Batch Patcher 2.11

    Thanks for your answer Glenn and thanks for your tools. I tried to install hotfixes on windows XP pro with batpatcher. The error message is : Qchain is required for this application to run. download it at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/815062 I download it from the link and I have tried to copy Qchain.exe in the same folder of batpatcher but I still have the same issue. problem of qchain version ?
  4. Batch Patcher 2.11

    Hi thanks for your tools. It works fine except for one problem. Each time I use it I have an error on the begining and the end of the process about qchain.exe. could you tell where i need to put this exe file because i have try in th batpatcher folder and hotfixes folder but still have the error thanks