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  1. (...)actually coded completely in 64bit.

    Things aren't coded 'in a certain number of bits'. In actuality, Far Cry was most likely programmed to be portable across 32-64 bit platforms. This means passing sizeof(datatype) instead of an immediate number (some datatypes have different sizes on 64 bit platforms), and a few other related things. Really, if they've coded it properly, then porting it to native AMD64 would be a matter of just recompiling.

    It's not as complicated as it's made out to be; I find that many of the people talking about compatibility and the programming of applications on AMD64 to have little or no C(++) experience.

    You do realize that there is a 64bit edition of far cry don't you? I find it odd you would have problems in one of the few games that is actually coded completely in 64bit.
    Really? My copy didn't work properly the last time I tried it... Might have been my DVD drive which I had to replace the month after. I haven't tried to install it anytime lately as I don't have too much time to game. heh....

    My bad for the bad info.

    You can download the 64-bit update.


  2. This has been bugging me for a while. On the msfn.org homepage it lists the newest longhorn build as 4074. That obviously isn't true since 4083 has been leaked sometime ago, though it is only for x86-64. It'd be great if we could get the main page fixed, kthx.

  3. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong forum or maybe even website...

    Has anyone experimented with an unattended Linux installation?

    I mean it boots, automatically has all of your settings and a custom kernel, newest KDE, Gnome, GIMP, the works.

    Anyone ever given it any thought?

    I think it would be cool to have a multiboot DVD with unattended XP, unattended Linux, Windows PE and Knoppix, buts that's for another thread all together...


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