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  1. thanks, uid0!! this is the problem!!!
  2. But everything was alright if I boot the machine using the PE bootable cd, no problem with ping, so I don't think it's the problem by design. It was just that if I put all the files on the pxe/ris server.
  3. Hi, I have been trying to test PXE boot Window PE using the Linux server, faking a MS RiS by following the guide written by Gianluigi Tiesi (Linux-RIS). I started by using the above to do a remote install of w2k3sp1, which worked very well afterdhcpd/atftpd/smb were set properly. Then, I went further to test the same logic for WinPE (opk2005). The client (WinPE) booted ok, and I could ping from the client side to the server, but I could not ping from ther server to the pe machine. There was no firewall enabled. I put ethereal on the server to check the outgoing icmp packets, there was no echo from the other side. However, the smb traffic between the server and the client was ok. I tried to put ethereal on the pe too, but it failed to detect and network interfaces. Initially, my testing settup contains only the server(pxe) and the testing client, but I tired to add another machine, which was able to ping the server and the server was able to ping it to, but neither of them was able to ping the pe machine, and at the same time, the pe machine can still ping both of them. I wonder what I have missed here, will appreciated any comments, and thanks in advance.
  4. We had trouble with diskpart too but not exactly the same. We failed to use diskpart to create non-MS partition type, i.e., passing id= s.th that is not fat nor ntfs. However, it finally worked by adding some wait. For example, call "sleep 5" in your bat file before you issuing the next command to diskpart. hope this helps

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