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  1. Unless you downloaded it from MSDN itself you have gotten warez!

    If he owns a vista license it's not warez no matter where he gets the actual installation media from.

    This has been argued OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN! ANY source but MS or an official distributer is illegal, even if it is only a OS disk! Thats like saying "I still have my keys from that Jaguar I wrecked, maybe I'll just go use his." It's people like you and attitudes like yours that is the reason the vLite and nLite are so close to being shut down...

    You pay for the license to use the software, not the media, otherwise you need to call warez any backup or mod to the program.

    Can't make comparison about real objects and software too. Downloading a music or movie is way different than stealing someones car or wallet.

    Using a program before the company made it available for the public is not ok though...

  2. After 36 VMWARE installations, I've founded a compact configuration that keep working the possibility to add some features like Desktop Experience (includes Aero), Wireless LAN, .Net Framework 3.0 (for Visual Studio 2008). The image shows my configuration:


    Works only on 32bit version

    I hope that could help.

    Did you removed the winsxs directory too?

  3. Then check into getting rid of the dependencies for the network list and them 3 others so u still have internet/lan functionality.

    There's just so much bloat in vista =( Just about anything you can think of, is enabled as default in vista, just so MS has all bases covered =(

    I had vista running at 12 services with internet and all working, but seriously it requires too much effort for any average joey to get it working proper, as in the eNLIGHTeD way. I'd say when you can run a .net fully able vista with all eye-candy and that crap that makes vista, vista, at about 500MB and still have most support, it mature as nlite today is. (Nlite is on the verge of becoming a lot better i think). Atm that is about 1500mb here, but requires about 250 tweaks not counting group policy edits. I got that number by counting all my .reg exports. It's just insane, i love tweaking, but when you feel you have to start resource hacking because its just plain silly the stuff u get to see wandering about in registry and inf files etc, gahw.

    A couple of more vlite versions perhaps by winter, things are looking brighter..

    what are the dependencies to remove for network?

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