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  1. Yet another Promise SATA/RAID problem

    Thank you for the information, and I had forgotten to cab the ulsata.sys file Using the tips given it will now make it to the text mode portion of the install, and sees the single SATA drive connected. The entire installation of windows goes through normally, and on the last reboot, that should go the desktop (or OOBE) for the first time, it restarts. Safe mode also restarts. So I am back where I started it seems. I am installing a single SATA drive, is it still possible to use the RAID driver, and set the controller to RAID mode, since it seems I'm getting nowhere with the SATA driver and IDE mode? EDIT: Changed over to RAID and used the fasttx2k driver, and still get the restarts on the initial boot to desktop after setup completes.
  2. Yet another Promise SATA/RAID problem

    I've been working on this same problem for a few days now. Can you give more specific information on how the file structure for the CD works, and what guide you used to help set this up? When I attempt this myself I get "The file 'ulsata.sys' was not found". I tried using GreenMachine's guide modified with this information, which got me to this point. Any added constructive comments or links would be much appreciated! And the last few posts with links to the Asus website are broken