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  1. Thanks guys, This is all the info I need. guess Ill have to build a XP VM and run from there. Its so odd that Vista has that behavior. Anyone know why that is? Not a really pertinent issue, I'm just generally curious. I might be able to understand if it had something to do with Vista UAC, bu thats not the case.
  2. Thanks, What about the keyless initial install?
  3. According to what I've read. (Here and Here) A Windows XP installation disk with sp3 slipstreamed properly will let you install XP without initially entering a CD key. Can anyone verify this behavior? Ive also noticed that sp3 requires at least sp1 to install, is this the same requirement for slipstreaming?
  4. This is frustrating, Is this a Nlite bug? or more than likely a Vista bug?
  5. straylight

    nLite 1.1

    I think I have to agree with some people here who would like to be able to add/create accounts via Nlite. As someone who uses Nlite a great deal for his repair work, it would be a great time saver to not to have to set up a user account every time. Yes i know its not the most secure idea, but for my situation (and maybe a few others) it would be quite ideal. As always, thanks for developing such a great program, you've have saved me countless hours of headaches and work. -straylight
  6. yep, it sucks, but its true, OOBE is required for activation, unless its a corporate or DELL install. Its also a good idea to keep it if you plan on ever CHANGING your CD KEY.

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