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  1. from where i can get vista as it is in beta so it is free by microsoft So guys where can i get dvd of latest beta version free of cost.. i didnt find on microsoft any link to get free dvd..as they gave sp2 cd free before
  2. but mine 2.66 Ghz CPU is of 533 MHz FSB speed.. SO is this ok enough to use vista. i read on microsoft site that it requires minimum 800MHz FSB speed Cpu why is it so plz guide me
  3. i wanna know what is ur system's configuration on which u have installed windows vista beta2..and howz the experience with it.. can i install it on my system having configuration pentium 4 2.66 GHz with D101 intel motherboard having 128 video memory with ati raedan chipset 512MB DDRAM 160 GB hDD. cd writer,DVD rom ATX cabinet 17" monitor multimedia keyboard optical mouse 600 VA UPS so much detailed .ha ha just waanna add more but no time.. plz reply fast
  4. plz tell me how can i make a multiboot dvd from my two cds.. i have one cd 9 in 1 windows xp and other 4 in 1 windows 2000 cd ,both downloaded from net. now i wanna create a single dvd of these both +some extraz also... plz tell me how can be this done by having a commmon boot menu having options to select individual cd's boot menu.. i think u can understand my problem.. so plz reply fast . waitng for ur reply regards,

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