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  1. yea, it looks like the hard disk is damaged. I can't even run MHDD , I get this message when I boot from the MHDD disk "1. FD 1.44MB System Type-(19)" and then the system proceeds to boot from the hard disk I checked the MHDD disk on another system and it is working fine.
  2. I don't think their's been any change in the PC configuration. Perhaps the hard disk has been damaged due to the crash ?
  3. this PC did have WinXP running before it crashed. Then it ran on Win98SE for some time. Now when I'm trying to install WinXP again it doesn't install.
  4. ok,i haven't replaced the data cables yet. but i tried installing win2000 and had the same problem. The setup restarts midway. I'll check the hard disk as Elektrik has recommended. Will also replace data cables.
  5. thanks every1 for the replies, I tried the following things but none of them worked - 1. Switched the RAM modules 2. Used them one by one 3. Set the Defaults in BIOS. One thing I failed to mention, the hard disk and Cd ROM are set as Seconday Master and Secondary Slave respectively. (Actually , I am fixing this PC for a friend who has messed it up) Would that have any effect on the installation ? Should I set it to primary and then try again ?
  6. Hi, I am having a very strange problem while installing Windows XP. The installation runs smoothly but when it gets to the screen where I have to enter the Name/Computer Name screen it restarts. Sometimes it restarts when I type the registration key and press enter. After restarting it runs scandisk and says "Setup is being restarted...." and then the PC restarts again. I haven't been able to get around this. I am able to install win98 easily on this system. The configuration of this PC is = P3 - 866 Mhz RAM - 192MB Hard Disk - 80GB Please reply, any help would be appreciated

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