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  1. endnote can access various online databases (like university library catalogs and such) and parse the info into bibliography cards. it also has the ability to attach files (docs, pdfs of articles or books) to these cards. it seems like the obvious next step would be an auto-rename and auto-tagging function that would append keyword metadata to the file and rename it according to whatever format ("author, title. year" etc.). does anyone know of anything out there that can do this? it would be just so awesome.

  2. i am looking for a way to organize documents and other files using tags. in xp. any ideas?

    it seems like keywords can be added to file properties, but this is a bit tedious to do manually right-clicking every file. is there any third-party software that can do this? creating virtual folders based on sets of keywords that auto-refresh... thats the thing i really want. (and no i dont want to use the mac os or 'upgrade' to vista. :rolleyes: )

  3. You can go to Control Panel - Regional and Language Options - Languages - Details and use the "Add" button.

    oops im sorry if i wasnt clear: i am talking about a custom windows install using nLite, in which the other keyboards were TAKEN OUT. now i am trying to locate them on a (full, original) windows cd in order to reinstall them somehow.

  4. i set up a laptop w/o any extra language/keyboard options. but now i need the polytonic greek keyboard. short of a full reinstall of windows, or of manually building a custom keyboard layout from scratch, is there a way to locate the necessary files on a winxp cd and install them to the proper directory? i cant seem to find any info on doing this.

  5. so basically are there any problems nliting an xp image that already has sp2 slipstreamed? the ryanvm site emphatically warns against this when using his updates and add-ons. is it the same deal with nlite? what about just tweaking things a little (like changing path names and uxtheme and the other nlite options), how about removing unneeded components? ... how about an add-on pack? :rolleyes::P

  6. hi.

    i used nlite to rename my 'program files' directory. so far ive installed dozens of programs without a problem, until today i installed windvd 7 and it added a ghost 'program files' directory in order to install the interactual player and common files. if i move these files into my real (renamed) directory, will it screw up my registry?

  7. ive been setting up a new install (xp pro slipstreamed sp2 + hotfixes) and i thought i had eveything perfect when i noticed that out of nowhere video playback on an .avi was choppy and the sound was out of sync. after a day wasted with codec research, i realized it was only happening after hibernating. using the same .avi as a test, after a fresh reboot it plays perfect. then i hibernate+resume and when i play it again it is choppy.

    since then i have tried restoring my system to several restore points, following leads from the event log, closing various backrground programs and services... nothing seems to fix it-- except this one thing which is totally weird: if i close down all open programs *before* hibernating, dropping the load from ~130mb/35 processes down to ~70mb/22 processes, when i resume the .avi plays fine. if i do this *after* resuming, no go. this leads me to believe that the issue results from a certain program. but when i go through every one, selectively closing them to see if it helps, it seems that *none* of them are doing it by themselves. unless it is some combination of two or more programs... im stumped.

    event viewer shows the 'userenv 1517' error message, which led me to install the windows user profile hive cleanup service. didnt fix things.

    any ideas? :}

  8. gotta love the n00bs :hello: ...

    1) ok i removed some micro$oft junk programs (netmeeting, movie maker, etc) from within nlite, but the (empty) program folders wont delete. how can i make them go, and what ones are impossible to remove safely? i found some otehr posts asking this, but no answers i really understood. i can follow steps, but i need them to not assume anything!

    2) i am getting occasional windows file protection pop-ups asking for my winxp install disc. i left the sfc option enabled in nlite (as per a number of peoples .ini files psted here). how do i make this go away? should i have disabled sfc on my install?

    3) on my next attempt (i think its the 4th try now), im gonna include an update pack from ryanvms site. wish me luck! :thumbup

  9. crazy. that was totally it. i think it was the video driver. i installed the drivers off of a cd-rw and now i have usb functionality! after getting that to work i went back and reinstalled the nlited disc i made. got everything up and running... on to the next slew of issues (file protection, phantom program folders, .... )

  10. im trying to get this to works as well. are you saying that if i disable wfp in nlite (havent tried yet) the folders will still be there? how and when should i run the batch file you are talking about to remove the folders? will it work if i just disable wfp during the install, then run the batch file manually after i get inside windows? or do i have to integrate it in nlite? sorry im so n00b. this is **** complicated just to get rid of all the dumb crap microsoft adds to my programs folder! this will mark my fourth or fifth install.... starting to lose track!

  11. update: i am now totally at a loss. i have confirmed that the same usb drive works fine on a second laptop freshly installed with the same version of windows (not nlited). i then went back to my laptop and reinstalled from this same (not nlited) copy of xp and it cannot install my drive. it also has the standby selection grayed out at shutdown and hibernate doesnt work either (whereas both of these things work fine on the other laptop). ive spent all day trying to figure this out and still havent gotten *anywhere*, so any suggestions or links to other sites or ANY help would be greatly appreciated! **** i really need my laptop back up and running. ****. :wacko::unsure::wacko:

  12. @beenthere: thanks for the link but that page assumes the problem is with usb 2.0 not being installed. but my usb seems to be installed just fine.

    i think i figured it out, though... maybe? since making the nlited cd yesterday, i only had the original corp cd as an iso. instead of burning a copy, i just used an old non-bootable xp home to 'upgrade' my first attempt. i think this means that the problems *are* from the nlite version and the 'upgrade' just didnt fix anything. i noticed just now that the standby option is grayed out on shutdown and hibernate doesnt work. these things should not be removed! i think i will make a full version of the bootable xp disc and reinstall before i fret anymore over this. also my friends coming over with his laptop and i can see if the hdd is recognized on there.

    if i can get it working on a fresh full windows install... i think i will be more conservative with nlite the next time (i thought i had been this time!). all i will take out is obvious junk like messenger, games, and the excessive langauge/keyboard support. hopefully thatll work?!?

  13. hello forums, my first post! :hello:

    so i am new to nlite and the unattended idea, but i thought 'im a reasonably intelligent and able individual, why shouldnt i make my own windows cd?' that was yesterday. today i regret that decision. lots.

    first the sob story (if you might be entertained):

    i havent reinstalled windows in a while. i have a fairly tweaked and customized setup on my sole computer (a fujitsu p2120 ultraportable, im typing in a school computer lab right now) thats been working for at least a year. but im moving to germany this fall (for a year) and i thought i would give the little dude a fresh install for the trip. i made what i thought was a pretty decent winlite out of a corporate xp pro disk slipstreamed with sp2. i tested it with vmware through the install just to make sure no error messages (other testing is a little tedious considering the p2120s transmeta processor!). then i moved my important files to an external drive and reformatted the fujitsu. install went without a hitch until i wanted to access my external usb drive. 'detecting hardware' popped up in the sys tray and did its thing. but then explorer locked up when i tried to open 'my computer'. wouldnt open until i unplugged the usb drive! in a paniced moment of doubt, which i am now painfuly regretting, i blamed the nlite disc and reformatted with a regular copy. but guess what? same friggin problem as before!!! i even dug out my random 'usb enclosure' drivers cd, which isnt supposed to be needed in xp. well, it was as worthless as ever. still no go. i have all my drivers and software on my external drive and not even internet access or a decent monitor resolution. i dont really get whats going on... unless my external drive is failing and i am not ready to think about that. oh god. no.

    now the sad and pathetic plea:

    please tell me you know whats happening and can help me. please?? i cant even tell if this has any relation to nlite whatsoever, but ive *never* had trouble with usb on a fresh windows install on this laptop before.... argh. i need something off my external drive by 6pm too!

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