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  1. So how do I put it in, sry not very good with this things but how or where do I put the picture/sound file and then put it into a picture for forums?
  2. Hi im looking for some help with sounds and mouseover pictures, I found a website that shows how to do it but its a little confusing. Im not really sure how to do it and im wondering how long can the sound be, on some pictures the song is a few minutes and thats what Im looking to do. So can anyone describe or help me understand it better and help me do whatever needs to be done?
  3. new sig help

    Wow very nice thanks!!, alot better then I could do.
  4. new sig help

    I was exploring to make a new sig but I seem to be bad at it and I dont know some things. I wanted to use this as the backround a honey comb but it would be smaller. I wanted the word honey on the signature but I wanted it to stand out but I cant find how to do that maybe 3d? I also wanted this girl Jessica Alba on it from the movie Honey but I dont know how to crop the girl from this picture like she laying on the name Honey. I also wanted this picture a friend gave to me to add some bee to it (Georgiatech Bee). If anyone could show me a quick layout or maybe even make one like that for me I would be very thankful and size does not matter at the moment, just like this site requirement. I was maybe thinking that the the girl would be in middle and honey comb back round and the word honey would be like H on top then O on bottom a little farther and then N on top and E on bottom and Y on top. I hope this is not too much to ask I had trouble on some parts of this but I gave up after trying to crop the girl. Here is another version a friend showed me, of not keeping it to a box format like this ofcourse better looking but for this id rather have blank because not sure wat to write on it.