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  1. Hello, i'm trying to edit an existing theme file. The Hand cursor refuses to set using the .theme file. Heres what I have: [Control Panel\Cursors] Arrow=%WinDir%resources\Themes\ChaNinja\Cursors\ChaN_Normal.cur Help=%WinDir%resources\Themes\ChaNinja\Cursors\ChaN_Help.cur AppStarting=%WinDir%resources\Themes\ChaNinja\Cursors\ChaN_Working.ani Wait=%WinDir%resources\Themes\ChaNinja\Cursors\ChaN_Busy.ani NWPen=%WinDir%resources\Themes\ChaNinja\Cursors\ChaN_Hand.cur No=%WinDir%resources\Themes\ChaNinja\Cursors\ChaN_Unavailable.ani SizeNS=%WinDir%resources\Themes\ChaNinja\Cursors\ChaN_V.ani SizeWE=%WinDir%resources\Themes\ChaNinja\Cursors\ChaN_H.ani Crosshair=%WinDir%resources\Themes\ChaNinja\Cursors\ChaN_Cross.cur IBeam=%WinDir%resources\Themes\ChaNinja\Cursors\ChaN_text.ani SizeNWSE=%WinDir%resources\Themes\ChaNinja\Cursors\ChaN_1.ani SizeNESW=%WinDir%resources\Themes\ChaNinja\Cursors\ChaN_2.ani SizeAll=%WinDir%resources\Themes\ChaNinja\Cursors\ChaN_Move.cur UpArrow=%WinDir%resources\Themes\ChaNinja\Cursors\ChaN_Alternate.cur Hand=%WinDir%resources\Themes\ChaNinja\Cursors\ChaN_Link.ani DefaultValue=Windows default Link=%WinDir%resources\Themes\ChaNinja\Cursors\ChaN_Link.ani However, Hand is not being set. The file exists and the path is correct. I get the default hand. Any ideas?
  2. but it's not accessible.. it gives a 404 error.
  3. I'm a complete beginner at creating a multiboot dvd. Are there any other guides which explain it all? Thanks.
  4. Thanks! ModifyPE was what I needed I had the right idea i just diddnt know you needed to use modifype.
  5. I've tried a couple of things both with different results. First thing I tried was taking a patched uxtheme.dll and converting it to a cab using makecab uxtheme.dll then putting it into I386. However, this causes an error which stops windows even getting to the GUI part of the install. Probably due to a size or hash check of the file. Secondly I tried putting the patched uxtheme.dll into $OEM$\$$\system32\ and while it seems to copy across alright it doesnt actually work. The only way it works is running the patcher. However copying across a patched uxtheme.dll without running the patcher it does not work. The patcher must do more than patch the file. How can I integrate the uxtheme.dll into the setup? I dont really want to run the patcher... seems kinda pointless if all it does is patch the file. Any ideas? Thanks.
  6. Actually after playing around running file comparision software on registry files before and after removing the language i found out how to do it: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Keyboard Layout\Preload]"1"="00000809""2"=-1,2,3 etc are the languages, 1 being the primary. This needs to be called at the GUIRunOnce stage. I tried it at the cmdlines.txt stage but it diddnt seem to work. 1 was already 00000809 but it cant hurt to make sure the primary language is the one you want there. Then remove number 2 (US english in this case). Of course they're not actually removed like they would be with nLite, but they're not installed. They're not usable and dont appear in language settings (and removing the extras stops that **** language bar showing too.)
  7. Hello, how can I remove english US during setup? I only want the UK language installed. No others. Also, after my current unattended setup the "Location" in regional settings is still "United States". In my WINNT.SIF I have this: [RegionalSettings] LanguageGroup=1 SystemLocale=00000809 UserLocale=00000809 InputLocale=0809:00000809 How can I set the location to United Kingdom and remove the US language? Thanks.
  8. I'd like to reorganise the start menu during setup. Where is the info stored? Is it even possible? Would I need to make a batch file which moves stuff after setup? The batch file method, while i'm sure it would work, it'd be easier just to have it put stuff where I want it to start with. Anyone know how where this is stored?
  9. The problem with removing that is that when it reboots during setup it'll go back into the DOS setup stage when it starts up again. (Unless you take the CD out.. but that kinda nullifies the point of an unattended setup)
  10. Hello, I slipstreamed the updates using the /INTEGRATE method (http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/23/) and the updates from the forum post. I've installed this onto a virtual machine and whenever I try to use windows update I get the error: What could have caused this? Thanks.

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