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  1. thats great thanks a lot, is there any way of having scrappy moving if so is this something you could do or point me in the right direction.
  2. no i wont use it here but the first one is ok i believe correct me if im wrong
  3. thats pure class thanx the avvy would be good at 100 x 100 with the theme along the same lines as the sig cheers great work again
  4. that my friend is pure genius thanx Maybe being cheeky but is there any chance of one to put next to it in the same colours with Boy! this would be superbor maybe one with the same but a bit longer with chunkyboy and dmf rocks. dont get me wrong the first one is great but this would be fantastic.cheers( do you do avvys as well or is that pushing it)
  5. hello evryone i just stumbled across this forum what a great find it was i dont suppose anyone good make me a sig with CHUNKY in it and maybe DMF in a corner somewhere, something comical would be great. right im of to look around cheers for now.

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