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  1. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    actually it was not a hardware problem. that was an attempt, even after switching the connecter ends, it didn't help, the only thing that worked were those older 6.53 drivers. thanks! P.S I feel like I abused this forums considering it has nothing to do with helping me install windows, its for nlite, oh well!
  2. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    OH MY GOD SUCCESS! It took four days of headaches (spread out, I wasn't sitting here 24/7) but It works! the trick: I followed fernando's advice and made a floppy with the raid drivers from the 6.53 nvidia set, and somehow that was the only floppy I ever made that worked! and trust me I tried dozens of them. OKay so Richatard is a happy camper. Maybe someday down the line I will attempt to create a slipstream disc with full unatended install, and that doesn't require a floppy, but for now my system works, and I am happy as hell. GOODNIGHT! and fernando... I want to have your babies.
  3. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    ugh still nothing goin on day four I believe. I just want my computer to work there is NO hardware problems I have tried everything. I don't know what to do right now I am going to make 100% sure I have the newest bios, and then I am going to start over.
  4. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Yes when I posted that I didn't want to slipstream anything because I had never gotten it to work right, but it seems that nlite has improved. Yes I do have two other hard drives, and I have taken them out to try this, the problem I am having is that not one time have I had the windows xp setup to read my floppies, no matter what! Here is what I have plugged in when I try the install externally: PS2 mouse PS2 keyboard one LCD power internally ram CPU video card dvd drive two hard drives. there is nothing wrong with my hardware, I have been running these two drives in raid for months now, I just decided to format and without changing one bios or raid controller option I put my xp disc in and started the process. when I turn off raid and my two hard drives show up I can install windows on either of them just fine, in fact I am running it off one of them now. But when I turn raid back on, and I try windows setup it will either 1. not read my floppy 2. install with your meathod but not work on first boot.
  5. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    OKay so here is the deal, I have now wasted 8 CD-r's on attemptiong this, and it just won't work for me! I have a DFI nforce4 sli-DR and I am using a pair of raptors in raid0 I am following these directions to a t and well... l,et me be mroe specific I start with a clean install of windows (singlew drive) I install a the nvidia 6.85 nforce driversm anbd the newest display drivers. I install .net 2.0 I install nlite I take my legti x sp2 RO disc and I copy its entire contents into an empty folder on the desktop I start nlite and I select that folder I created with my xp in it, and I click next. I select "integrate drivers" and " make bootable cd" and click next on the ntegrate drivers folder I click "insert" and then "single driver" I browse to this folder exactly "C:\NVIDIA\nForceWin2KXP\6.85\IDE\WinXP\legacy\" and I select the nvatabus.inf file I ensure that the "textmode driver" is selected and that both of the options below are highlit (both of the nvidia required drivers are being integrated) I click next and then yes to start the process, it seems to integrate everything and then it says FINISHED! and I click next I create me bootable disc image, and I give it the volume name of XPPROSP2 (like my disc) I open alcohol 120% and I brun the image to a new CD-r at 4x (to be sure) I restart and let my computer boot from the floppy, with EVERYTHING unplugged, outside of the case I have the monitor, power, PS2 keyboard and PS2 mouse plugged in, and inside I have the cpu, ram, video card, two raptors in raid, and DVD burner plugged in, THATS IT! I have my raid built perfectly fine, I have used it on this board before (before I lost the floppy I used and started this whole mess So windows setup starts and detects my arrey, I make a partition on it, and format it, it installs the files, restarts into the next stage of setup and I enter all my information, it restarts again and this time displays the windows boot screen for about a half a second, I catch a slight glimpse of the BSOD, and it restarts. I've done this a DOZEN TIMES and tried a bunch oif different options, made 7 or 8 discs now, tried everything, different burning options, I even downloaded a pirated copy of XP and tried using the files from that, still produces the exact same problem. I am using the newest version of my bios from the dfi.com.tw site. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG AHHHH! this is SOOO beyond frustrating. Going on day three I have been working on this. Thanks in advanced for the help guys. Oh by the way, I have tried a bunch of different versions for the raid drivers. ugh I am going to bed.