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  1. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    I'm failing at this too. I'm using the DFI Lanparty Expert, and the Expert driver package from here: http://us.dfi.com.tw/Support/Download/driv...G=A&SITE=NA The NF4 RAID F6.zip It allready has the "missing" files in the right directories. I made sure that both my mobo was set to ACPI (or whatever the hell it is) and that nlite was. It goes all the way through to the GUI mode, but when it finishes it restarts and then I get a stop error. Currently I get IRQ IS LESS THAN EQUAL. Background: Motherboard works but the floppy connector does not, ergo I can't use disks. Should I try another version of Nlite or another Raid package? Specs: 3500+ Clawhammer DFI Lanparty UT NF4 SLI-DR Expert Corsair TwinXP platinum (2gb's) 2 WD250gb Caviars MSI cheapy Video card.
  2. Errors integrating drivers, please help

    ::looks below his thread a little ways down:: Oh... Well that makes sense. DAMMIT! I wish I had known that 2 weeks ago! However, I would like to know if the problems with the NVIDIA raid thing is what is causing the NTDLR errors, Because I've never got a chance to even fail to install using nlite. Just doesn't read the data off the disk even thought NTDLR is there.
  3. Errors integrating drivers, please help

    My dfi Expert has a bad floppy connector and I'm really REALLY having problems trying to get my raid drivers installed. So many that I eventually said "Screw this" and decided to go without raid...only problem being that my original XP disk seems to only be able to see 130gb's of my two drives. These are 250gb Caviars (my bios and raid driver recognize them as 250gb). Operating System is WinXP PRO (SP 2 I think). I tried formatting my USB drive to emulate a floppy, I actually got the closest to success using this method. As windows would install the drivers, give me a single 500gb partition, but when it came to install the OS it would ask me to reinsert the drivers back into a non-existant A:\ drive, and I got forever stuck there. I tried using nLite, tried copying the data straight off to the cd, tried making it an ISO, tried using Nero to convert the ISO into a boot CD (It only has formatting for floppy and HD emulation, and neither of those seemed to work. NTDLR errors all around I even tried to do a really really complex workaround using XPISO, creating a Dos partition and trying to install it straight to the drive in FAT32, and then loading it from the drive....didn't work, not even with the original XP CD. ANY help would be enormously appreciated, as I've been without a computer of my own for 2 months, and the last week has been just because of this driver problem.