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  1. I have a batch file in my $OEM$\$1\Install folder. And it has 7 programs that it is supposed to install. However, none of these programs are ever installed when I run my XP CD through a virtual machine. I've come to the conclusion that the batch file never gets called. However, the .reg file which is called using the same CMDLines.txt file does get called. What might I be doing wrong? I have attached both my CMDLines.txt file and my batch.cmd file. CMDLines.txt batch.cmd
  2. I am working on an Unattended Windows CD and was wondering if anyone knew which files I would need to install the Intel Chipset and VGA drivers. My laptop is an Acer Travelmate 4500 and I can provide the folder contents if needed. I realize the .inf files are usually the drivers. However, for the Intel VGA there is an auto.inf file and one other .inf file. The latter is buried within folders. I presume I should use the latter. As for the chipset there are no .inf files.
  3. I'm not sure. The error messages continued even after completing the XP install. If it is just the virtual machine then it doesn't really matter. However, before I format my system I would like to make sure everything works.
  4. While using Microsoft Virtual PC to test my Auto XP CD I came across an odd error. Setup informed me that my IP address was in use by another computer on the network. Considering there is no network, unless Microsoft's VM decided to make one, this should not be a problem. Besides which, I never specified a static IP. This happened at the 12 or 13 minute mark. Any ideas as to the cause of this error?
  5. Alright. I guess I'll go that route. Thanks. I'll post back here if everything works
  6. If the original XPCD folder I created was made using the XP Pro Upgrade CD would I need to add any files that are found on the full version? And do I just go into the WINNT.SIF file and change the CD Key to the OEM manufacturer CD key? Thanks for the help guys. Sorry if it's taking me a while to understand.
  7. I have the full version provided by my laptop manufacturer. Is there a certain file or series of files I need to add to the unattended XP CD?
  8. I followed your guide for an unattended XP install, which was very helpful. However, upon testing my ISO in Microsoft's Virtual Machine Trial I found that the CD Key, which I have made sure is accurate, is not excepted. I am using an XP Pro Upgrade CD. I am unsure as to whether this guide will work for an upgrade CD. If this is the problem what might some possible solutions be? If this is not the problem is there some batch file I have screwed up? If you need more info let me know. Thanks a lot for this guys. If this ends up not working at least I've still learned a good deal

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