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  1. Universal Extractor

    Unfortunately at the moment I don't have enought time to look at the 4nt issue with universal extractor but as lon as time permits ... I will do it !
  2. Universal Extractor

    I found the solution concerning my default command processor issue (it just needs some tweaking). About skypesetup.exe no more news. Apparently this setup package is a signed one and I wondered if it is not the cause of the unpack problem ... Even in command line with the innosetup unpacker I have the same result ...
  3. Universal Extractor

    Universal Extractor problem Hi All, I recently discovered, downloaded and installed Universal Extractor, a very powerful program! But for the moment, I use the 1.2.1 release and have little problems with it. When, for example, I try to do some UniExtract operations on the UniExtract121.Exe file whatever the uniextract to option I choose from the contextual menu all my files end in the {app} directory in the root of the curent drive ... and with an error !!! And I am unable to unpack the skypesetup.Exe file which is a normal innosetup package ... Note : I installed UniExtract from the installer choosing the default options. A bit more information ... I found the solution of the uniextract misworking. It was apparently because my default command processor was not cmd.Exe but 4nt.Exe (from Jp Software available at http://www.jpsoft.com). So a question : why does Universal Extractor not work properly when cmd.Exe is not the default command processor (in the comspec variable) ? Is it because cmd.Exe is hard coded in independant programs uniextract uses to unpack/uncompress files ? IS there a workaround ? And unfortunately, I did not succeed in resolving my skypesetup.Exe extraction problem. Each time I try to do so, here is the error message (from uniextract.txt) I receive : "; Version detected: 5004 Signature: Inno Setup Setup Data (5.0.4skp) Error (EOutOfMemory) "Out of memory" at address 004029F4" Excuse me !!! I inadvertantly posted questions dedicated to the forum in the "Universal Extractor 1.2 Released" news. Could it be possible to delete those comments please ?
  4. Universal Extractor problem

    Could you delete this post please ?