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Ugly arrows in desktop icons


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Those arrows are the result of an "overlay" icon where the rest of the icon is transparent. You need to find this icon and replace it with one more to your liking. Unfortunately, I'm not exactly sure where it is, though If I remember right, I think it is inside a either Explorer.exe or a .dll file and may require something like Resource Hacker to replace. I want to find it, too, as I feel the same way about that arrow! If I find it before someone else posts the answer, I'll put it here.

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Tip by Spooky (could have been easily found by searching):

You can get rid of the shortcut arrows in vista by using an old reg tweak that still works: Open up regedit and go to:


Then re-name 'IsShortcut' to 'AriochIsShortcut' in the right pane.

Close regedit and reboot - shortcut arrows are gone.

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