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Install uninstall Winzip 11.1 (7466)


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Since while i try silent installing/uninstalling Winzip 11.1 (7466) without real success.

Silent Install:

winzip111en.msi INSTALLCMD="/noqp /noc4u /notip /nopredefinedjobs /autoinstall" /QB

During the install I have "Winzip only supports the 16-bit version of ARJ... "(see here bellow image)

I must click [OK] Then I get the following Window

I click [Cancel] to continue the install.

How can I skip this ARJ message and get a real Silent install???


I can't get success uninstalling winzip 11.1

If i unsinatll via [Control Pane/Add Remove], it start uninstalling, then i get the message "Error 402. Couyld not open Key..." (see here bellow image)

If i unsinatll by the command C:\Program Files\WinZip\WINZIP32.EXE /uninstall, it start uninstalling, then i get the message "Cannot uninstall..." (see here bellow image)

Is there any how to uninstall winzip 11.1 properly?

I notice that when i normal install (NOT silent) winzip, i can unninstall it via [Control Pane/Add Remove] and/or WINZIP32.EXE /uninstall.

I do appreciate any help


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TNX Major,

Sorry for the delay reply... I was out.

In fact, all my install/uninstall test were on a VMWARE machine.

Still i can't uninstall winzip 111.

Any suggestions???


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I have uninstalled it without problem.
Did you installed/uninstalled on a VMware or other virtual machine???
I think you have to install it first properly in order to uninstall it
I've installed it first properly
So you can use any regcleaner and then install it.
1) Why do i have to use a regcleaner tool instead of [Control Pane/Add Remove] uninstall?

2) I have used CCleaner [tools\uninstall] and got same error.



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I have downloaded the trial version from http://download.winzip.com/ngs/winzip111.msi

I have tested the silent installation and has gone well, i did not have any error you described above.

winzip111.msi /qr INSTALLCMD="/noqp /noc4u /notip /nodesktop /nopredefinedjobs /autoinstall"

I think that could be some interaction with an other compressor.

Surely not. In the command line, you use zip sfx switches after a extracted msi. Seems like a poor setup routine to me (by the developer) but just my opinion. Perhaps I am wrong.


added words within brackets.

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Hi all,

I did the same winzip install/uninstall test on my 'REEL' (not sielnt machine.

The cause for the 'ARJ' message is the 'Universal Extractor' program and the issue is to install winzip before 'Universal Extractor'.

Regarding the uninstallation

When i try silent install

winzip111.msi /qr INSTALLCMD="/noqp /noc4u /notip /nodesktop /nopredefinedjobs /autoinstall"

I get a successful install and successful uninstall.

When I try

winzip111.msi INSTALLCMD="/noqp /noc4u /notip /nodesktop /nopredefinedjobs /autoinstall" /QB

Here problems started.

Installation looks run successfully.

When I launch the uninstall from Add/Remove of the Control Panel, I get "Error 1402. Could not open key..." error message (see above my first topic).



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I use the following in my start.cmd to install WinZip 11.1

ECHO Installing 'WinZip Pro 11.1.7466'
ECHO Please wait...
start /wait %systemdrive%\Install\WINZIP\winzip111.msi /qr INSTALLCMD="/noqp /noc4u /nopredefinedjobs /autoinstall"
start /wait regedit /s %systemdrive%\Install\WinZip\registerwinzip.reg

This installs Winzip but the problem is that the first time I run WinZip it makes me go thru all the setup procedures. Any ideas as to what I may be doing wrong?

PS: Always install Universal Extractor after installing WinZip to avoid the "Winzip only supports the 16-bit version of ARJ... " error mentioned above by 'coucou'.

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Is anyone successfully able to install WinZip 11 silently without the issues mentioned above? I have tried both the 'msi' version and the other method but I end with the same issue with both methods.

Heeere's your sign...from Winzip, and it worked for me:

Hi, I am writing in response to your message:

> Reproducible: Always

> Occurs With: All files

> WinZip Product: WinZip 11.1

> Windows Version: Windows XP Professional Edition

> Description:


> I can't remove/uninstall winzip 11.1 since trial period expired I am

> having what I believe to be a permissions issue. I have tried

> creating new accounts with admin rights, but does not work.

> Specisfically I get the following error when trying to remove winzip:


> Error 1402 could not open the key......

> hkey\local_machine\software\classes\winzip\defaulticon.

> verify that you have sufficient access to that key.


> Please help

I'm sorry to hear of the problem. This appears to be an issue involving permissions in the Windows Registry.

When WinZip attempts to create or delete Registry entries appropriate permissions are required. If the appropriate permissions are not present for the 'user' involved this error will occur.

Please do the following

a. Make sure WinZip is not running anywhere.

b. In Windows Explorer (or My Computer) open the "Program Files" folder

and then the WinZip subfolder.

c. Press CTRL + A on the keyboard to select all the files in the folder.

d. Right mouse click in the highlighted area and choose "Properties".

e. Make sure the "Read-only" check box is blank (you may have to click

the box more than one time) and click OK.

f. Click on the Start button on the taskbar.

g. If not Vista:

Click on the "Run" menu item

If Vista:

Click on "All Programs", "Accessories".

Right click on "Command Prompt" and choose "Run as administrator".

h. Enter: "c:\program files\winzip\winzip32.exe" /uninstall

i. Press the "Enter" key on the keyboard.

j. Follow the steps.

k. WinZip should now be uninstalled.

l. To complete the cleanup, please go to "Add/Remove Programs" in the

Control Panel ("Programs and Features" in Vista) and remove WinZip.

m. You should be all set now.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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