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pc-cillin 2007


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Ive been trying to find the switches for Pc-Cillin 2007. Im pretty new at this and im not sure if i use the setup.exe (which comes up as an unidentified installer) or one of the *.msi in the package to execute the parameters on. If i try using the tmpcc.msi or any other .msi it says to execute the setup.exe file.

I'm a bit confused as what to do.

Is it even possible?

And can someone steer me in the right direction

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The setup.exe file keeps saying

'The installation cannot continue. You may have flawed installation software. Check the files on your CD-ROM for signs of damage or corruption. If you purchased the software online, download the files again and restart the installation. IF problems persist, please contact technical support.'

When i try to find any switches on it.

and when i try to use switches on the .msi files it tells me to use the setup.exe file

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If you search Trend Micro's website you'll find information pertaining to their setup.ini file. This is where you place the switches (and I don't think there are many of them). Here's a copy of the one I use to silently install Internet Security 2007 (without the serial number of course :rolleyes: ). To install it I simply run setup.exe. Give it a go and let me know how things turn out.


ShortcutName=Trend Micro Internet Security 2007



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