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How To Get the XP / 2K Search Panel in Vista

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Can I retain the XP or 2K style search panel in Vista? Can I search between two dates like I could in XP / 2K?

I ask this because I can not for the life of me search between two dates in Windows Vista. I write and record a lot of music, and I search for recording projects by dates. For instance; I would search for *.cwp files between 3/1/2007 and 4/1/2007, but now I can't seem to do this anymore with Vista. I've got to imagine that either, 1. There is a way to do this with the Windows Vista search, or, 2. There is a way to use the Windows XP style search or Windows 2K style search to handle the search method I've just mentioned.

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Of course you can. Start --> Search --> on right side, click where it says Advanced Search. The date options are there.

If you are in explorer and want to search, then type your search query in explorer's search box in right corner. Then, you can click on search tools and choose search panel. Expand search panel for all advanced options.

The search is enhanced in Vista compared to 2000/XP. If you index your drives, search is almost instanteneous.

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