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Change video settings in PE2.0?


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Using PE2.0 and video on server itself work fine when you boot to the CD.

Using a remote management card, the screen is out of sync or something big time.

It is unusable.

The doc says PE selects the video settings it thinks fit your card.

How can I change the video settings in PE2.0?

Resolution, sync rate etc?


BTW, its not the background image, as I have replaced it with the background from PE1.0

and that did not help at all.

Thanks in advance.

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Link to Some Vista Documentation

EDIT --> link is goofy, search for the "HorizontalResolution" <-- EDIT

For example, you can specify the display resolution of Windows PE, where to save a log file, and other Windows PE-related settings.

- <Display>

Drop that into the UNATTEND.XML that is used when WINPEINT runs

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