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Sata Raid Problems - Nlite not working


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Hi all,

I've just built myself a new pc, purely for storage, multimedia & surfing really, with the build I brought a copy of Windows XP Home SP2 + License (all legit). However I did not see the need for a Floppy Drive, however since I have two 80GB Seagate SATA Drives I have now found that I require one just to install these bloody drivers!?

Anyway got recommended to use Nlite, downloaded my Sata drivers and put them on the disk, when i boot from the disc it starts the install from MSDOS etc and asks me if i require any "extra devices" so i hit F6 and i only get the option of searching a floppy drive which i do not have :wacko:

I have an: Abit AV8-3RD EYE (AMD 939 board)

I have downloaded the drivers and get this folder structure:


I do not know if i am supposed to add all these drivers, in Nlite to the install or what..

Some help would be appreciated as am abit of a no0b! :blink:


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Hi. At first if You have any txt oem file, it means that files are included in it will be copied during txt setup mode (at very begining of the installation), and so You shouldn't press F6 during the setup. If You are usin nLite try just to add whole directory (on Your screenshot it'll be "sata2"), and when nLite ask what to add choose "all" and then "add", then You ll be asked for adding TXT drivers, so add them too. Burn CD as usual. Boot from CD, AND DO NOT PRESS F6 cause all drivers already included. Then Just install Windows.

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