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vista game explorer icons


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hello can anyone tell me how i can changer the icons in game explorer

some of my games have the box art eg and some only have have 32x32 icons i would like to have all 256x 256 icons

i found the GameUX folder with regedit is the box art stoered in a dll on in a folder on my system how can i change them what do i need to edit the dll thankyou all for your help

ps i found C:\Windows\system32\GameUXLegacyGDFs.dll is this it how do i get in to it

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I would imagine the icons would be specific to the game...

IE: If you;ve installed battlefield 2 and that logo is coming up in the game explorer as 32x32 all distorted..

I'd locate the icon file or even the exe for the game in that games installation directory and edit it using resource hacker.

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ok found some 256 x 256 icons that i would like to use now

i found some apps like "exe icon?" "IconChanger" but i dont think they like 256x256 icons

so anyone know of an easy way to change the icon of an exe that works in vista with 256x256 icons

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