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Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth is not functioning.


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I do not have any sort of MPU-401-compatible device attached. When I try to play a MIDI file in Windows Media Player, it behaves as though it is playing, but I cannot hear it. The volume in Media Player, the MIDI and Master Volume sections of Volume Control, and on my Speakers is turned up to the maximum (I have ensured that nothing is muted). MP3, WMA, and WAV files all play normally. Note that in Apple Quicktime, the files play, but are converted to MOV format, and are of poor quality. My system is the following:

Microsoft Windows XP, SP2 (Version 5.1.2600)

Shuttle AN35(N) Ultra 400 (with nForce2 chipset)

Athlon XP 3200+ @ 2200MHz

Corsair 512MB PC3200 RAM (DDR400)

AGP 8X GeForce 6600GT with 128MB GDDR3 RAM (PNY VERTO)

NVidia Nforce2 drivers, version 5.10

Windows Media Player 10 is installed

The following information may or may not be significant:

Internet Explorer 7 is installed

Logitech MX3200 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

USB Printer HP Deskjet 3320

LPT Printer Epson ActionPrinter 5000

USB Device Emprex CD-RW

Generic Floppy Drive is attached to Standard Floppy Connector on Motherboard

Norton Antivirus 2006 is installed

Compaq Data Fax Modem (56K Rockwell HCF) [stopped using when I upgraded to DSL, but still in computer]

Airlink 10/100 Ethernet Card (has Realtek RTL8139C chipset, listed in Device Manager as TE100 PCBUSR 32-bit Cardbus PC Card)

Samsung SyncMaster 730B (Connected on DVI port)

Labtec LCS-800 Computer Speaker System

EPO ATAPI 58X MAX on Secondary ATA Channel

Western Digital 120GB Hard Drive (WD1200JB-00HUA0) on Primary ATA Channel

450W Power Supply (A1 Power, ATX12V v2.0, Switching Power Supply, Dual Fan, Nickel Coating)

Microsoft .NET Framework versions 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 are installed.

Current Resolution is 1280x1024.

Current Color Depth is 32-bit.

The following hardware was attached to my computer at one point, but not anymore:

LPT Printer APOLLO P2250 (HP)

Standard PCI ATI Radeon 9200SE with 128MB DDR2 RAM (Diamond Stealth S80)

Lite-On 24X ATAPI CD-ROM Drive on Secondary ATA Channel

Sound Blaster 16PCI (ES1371 or ES1373 chipset, not sure)

PS/2 Logitech Access Keyboard

PS/2 Compaq 2-button mouse (Came with Presario 5204,Spares P/N 337416-001, C/T:F19530P5BH40AY6, FCC ID: DZL211029, [2 KANJI characters] 4862A011)

PS/2 Unicomp Customizer 101 White (42H1292U, Model M)

PS/2 Logitech Optical Mouse (White, P/N 831073-2000)

PS/2 IBM 2-Button Mouse (Model 96F9275)

17" Proview Technologies CRT Monitor, Model 768 (Connected to DVI port via DVI to VGA adapter on 6600GT, Connected to VGA port on 9200SE)

Unbranded 300W Power Supply, Model LPJ2 (Came with Linkworld case)

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