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New Time Zone Setting Not Retained.


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Using XP Home Edition SP2. I've changed the time zone by going to Date and Time Properties > Time Zone.

However, the new setting isn't retained for long; sometimes after the first reboot, sometimes after the second or third or ... reboot, the system reverts to the original time zone setting.

Is there something else I need do, or, if this is a known problem, a workaround ?

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Do you have time synchronization enabled? You can find it by double-clicking the clock in your notification area and going to the "Internet Time" tab, I believe. If so, when you change the time zone, it'll change back on the next time sync (and sometimes requiring a reboot to make it stick, so this sounds like it could be it).

If you're looking to change your time zone settings due to the new DST changes in the US, the hotfix for XP-based systems is here.

Note that there are also other DST-related hotfix updates for issues with the old Australian DST update from 2006, the update for Sri Lanka, and the 2006 updates for the DST changes for Cairo.

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Disabling "Automatically synchronize with an Internet time server" seems to have done the trick. I've started/restarted three times and the new time zone setting is still present.

I would suggest you use a very reliable and free intenet time synchroniser utility from e-systems.ro.

I used to have the same problem. The location of time server screwed it up royally during the DST change.

I have hunted like crazy for a gmt time server and have not found it yet. This utility picks it up from I don't know where & adjusts the time difference as per your location setting. Works like a charm.

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