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Vista Windows Defender refuses to turn-on!


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1. Vista RC2 5744 as an update for a previous WinXP Pro.

2. Removed the original WD from WinXP Pro prior to install of Vista. (Noted Signature files could not be removed.

3. Ran Reg Mechanic, did a cleanup, and defrag of XP prior to Vista install.(Failed to image XP) :blushing:

4. Vista install went smoothly

5. The problem is when I tried to install the latest version of Windows Defender. it says to uninstall previous version which I'd already done. (My error missing WD was en-bedded in Vista and not removable) :blushing:

6. Also, system said Windows defender is already installed with Vista and I just need to activate but when I tried to activate (turn on) windows defender it says "TRY AGAIN LATER" tried it so many times but the answer is the same.

7. Scoured the net, MS, and found one other Forum with a few complaining of the same problem, however no solutions offered.

Any offers of a plan-of-attack, would be appreciated.

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