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Getting started with Windows PE to install Windows 2003 Server


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I have not used Windows PE in a long time so I am bit rusty...

So far I have created a Windows PE 2005 disk with ICH8R drivers in it that can boot up my computer. Since then I have managed to manually diskpart the C: drive. But that is about as far as I have gone.

My goal is to build a DVD that will boot into Windows PE => diskpart => install Windows 2003 Server SP1.

If someone can help me with either some step-by-step instructions that would be awesome. But I am more than willing to be pointed to documentation that I can read as well.

Now the one thing is the install will need to be on the same DVD and not from a network source.

Thanks in advance,


FYI - I will edit the original post with solutions as I come across them or suggestions that work for my scenario. :-)

Okay, I have not had heard any ideas from anyone but since I needed to get the Server install done and without using a floppy disk... this is what I did. However, I am still going to persue a Windows PE 2005 solution.

In order to get around the F6 prompt:

  • Download the ICH8R drivers
  • - Extract the drivers by following the Intel instructions on how to do this
  • Create a directory to copy the source files from the Windows 2003 Server CD
  • - Use makecab; located in C:\windows\system32 for the iaStor.sys & iaStor.inf files
  • - Copy both of these files to my Windows 2003 Server source directory in the i386 folder

Now the fun part begins:

okay... I have x-mas eve dinner to attend to. I will update this after wards. ;-)

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