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automate rejoining workstations to a domain


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hi there!,

newbie here.

would like to ask if there is a way to automate rejoining workstations to a domain?

is there also a way to retain the current profile once a user has logged on after rejoining the pc to the domain?

hoping for any help with regards to this.

thanks in advance.

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The only automatic way that i know a PC joining a domain is if its a new installation then you can use an answer file to join the domain (or do it manually).

Theres no way to retain the existing profile on the new domain (unless someone tells me differently). Usually if its my documents that you want to move from one profile to another you may want to use the folder redirection (before joining the domain) to redirect all documents to the server so when youve joined the new domain poicy settings will redirect them back to the users profile

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Only thing I can think of would be to rig a netdom command (or equiv .vbs script) into the workstations login script.

If the machine is already joined to the domain then it will simply error out but if it wasn't joined then it will join

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