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Looking for some help. I have an app to install that requires a reboot and then a log back on to complete the install.

What I need to try and get round is our XP in the office has a splashscreen when you press ctrl/Alt/del before you get to enter username / password.

What I need the script to do is :

1. Install first part of app and reboot. (this is working and also applies a reg for part 4)

2. Get to ctrl/Alt/del screen and press an ok button.

3. Enter admin username and password (Fails because of part 2)

4. Complete second part install. (once logged on it installs)

Thanks in advance


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after step 1, enable automatic login using this information:


before step 4, disable it again by deleting the keys


Thanks for the reply. This is what I started with, but the issue is when this attempts to logon i.e. reboot then ctrl/Alt/del our work XP build has a splashscreen. If you press ok it then logs on using the username and password entered in reg.

Any thoughts



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