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Install Vista From Linux Using WinPE2.0


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For all you Linux user, here is what I came up with for Vista install from

Linux. I did this on Redhat 4.0.


1) On a Windows machine, install the WAIK. I used a Vista box, but I think

W2K3 or XP might work.

2) From the attached winpepxe.tar, copy the bld directory to c:\

3) Follow the instructions in c:\bld\README.txt. This will allow you to build the boot kernels for

x86 and amd64 for the tftp directory.

4) Copy kernel to linux server

net use f: \\SERVER_IP\SHARE

copy_krnl_to_server.cmd x86

copy_krnl_to_server.cm amd64

Put these under you tftpd directory under pxe/winpe

5) Update your tftp-server to version 0.40 atleast. This fixes a bug tftp remapping,

6) copy the following to /etc/tftpremapp

# TFTPD remapping reuired to support Vista

re bootmgr\.exe pxe/pxelinux.cfg/\x/bootmgr.exe

rg \\boot\\ pxe/pxelinux.cfg/\x/

rg \\Boot\\ pxe/pxelinux.cfg/\x/

rg ^\\ pxe/pxelinux.cfg/\x/

rg \\ /

The \x represents the HEX IP value for the client.

Create a link to the proper architecture for the client.

for example for x64 architecture

cd $TFTPROOT/pxe/pxelinux.cfg

ln -s ../winpe/x64 $HEX_IP

You may need to adjust the paths for your environment.

7) Add the following to the tftpd option in /etc/xinetd.d/tftp -remap /etc/tftpremap

8) Set the next file similar to the following


9) When an install starts, the pxeboot.n12 will be downloaded and will ask for more files.

10) This will eventually will execute WinPE.wim, wich runs the startnet.cmd

11) Startnet.cmd runs create_net.vbs which does a

Wscript.Echo("net use y: \\" + myDHCP + "\answers\" + myIP)


myDHCP is taken from the ipconfig /all command

answer is my share

myIP is the IP of the client.

12) startnet.cmd will cd to y:\clientIP directory and run

os_install.cmd wich is attached. You will need to

modify it for your environment. Not this whole schemes works with

W2K3x64 and wXP64, so some of the items in os_install.cmd are not needed.

13) os_install.cmd eventually runs the Vista setup.exe

I have included an asnwer file for your convenience. Use M4 to instantiate it.

Good luck.






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Excuse me if I'm asking very basic question but...

I read your Reme file, the part below.


1) Install WAIK on a Windows system. OSPM build uses Vista.

2) Copy OSPM build environment to c:\bld

3) Start a WinPE 2.0 Shell (Start->All Prorams->Microsoft Windows AIK->Windpws PETools Command Prompt)

On 1), what do you mean by "OSPM build uses Vista." ?

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