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Flash/Dreamweaver Install Problems


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I'm having a problem with silent installs of Dreamweaver/Flash 8.0 . Both installers are in MSI format. For the most part, A simple transform works for installing both Programs silently. My problem stems from the fact that I want to install the Programs to :




The default install path for both Programs are :

ProgramFiles\Macromedia\Flash 8


ProgramFiles\Macromedia\Dreamweaver 8

During the creation of an MST, I can only change the 'Macromedia' Part of the install path. That is to say no matter what I do I can only get the Programs to install in a path like the Following :

ProgramFiles\AnyFolderName\Dreamweaver 8

I have tried editing the MSI with Wise Package Studio. My method was to set a new install path by going to

Installation Expert > Product Details > Default Directory. I click on the dropdown box and select 'Program Files' Then click on 'New Folder' and type 'Flash'. This gives me a new Install Directory of ProgramFiles\Flash. I also make sure that the option "Change Feature Configurable Directories" is Checked and then Compile. The Recompile always throws up errors and when it doesn't the MSI stops halfway through the install proccess with an Internal Error 2356 Cabs.m2 Error and quits.

Another thing to note is that although the edited installer shows the edited install path, If I click on browse it is still set to it's old install location.

Any help would be appreciated, even a nudge in the right direction would be appreciated. Thank you for reading ....

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have you tried editing the variables. normally setups use something like this.


maybe you can change the product name and delete the MANUFACTURER part. anyway, this is how i make msi with advanced installer.

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