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InstallShield: how to find parameters?


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A software I'm trying to install (AVID Softimage XSI) comes compressed in an .exe file, so I extract it's files and tried to use the default InstallShield parameters. Setup just ignored them.

I looked for some ini file to put the needed info but couldn't find anything. There's two cab files but I couldn't find a way to extract or see whats inside

well... any help? :)

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is there a setup.iss file?

if yes you can use this to silent install

-s -f"<location to file>\setup.iss" -f2"<path to log>\progname.log"

if not and looks like an installshield install, then use -r to generate your setup.iss. will be saved to c:\windows.

DO NOT reboot after install of the setup.iss file will be lost. copy to same folder as .exe fill and away you go

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well, that's the problem...

it's a InstallShield setup but if I set it to generate a setup.iss and then try to silently install, it still asks for some user inputs, like setup.iss were incomplete

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I have the same problem with Installshild applications. The -R switch to make the setup.iss file doesn't seem to work (no I'm not rebooting after installation).

The applications seems to ignore the setup.exe -S switch. I'm thinking with particular reference to the Adobe updates.

Has anybody had a similar problem?

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well, that's ok but now I have another question... :)

the big problem is the License Agreedment, it's the only screen setup shows, so I need to find a way 'to silently press the OK button'

I could use AutoIt for it but I don't know how to pass InstallShield parameters through it

(don't know if I'm being too confuse)

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