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Unattended install on older Pentium III PC failed

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i've made a few functional and usefult unattended windows xp installation CDs (bout 10) and also Office unattended setups, so i have some experience, but recently I had to face to one dificult situation. I had to install winXP on older Pentium III PC. There was a problem with booting CD, so I have to make 6 bootable floppies that will start-up installation and load cd-rom drivers to get installation running. Of course i had to include winnt.sif modified file on them to run unnatended installation, not default one. Maybe winnt.sif has to be copied only at last (6th) of the floppy, don't know, doesn't matter. Installation starts succesfuly and was unattended (finaly...).

But when installation copied all the files from CD on hdd (in bluescreen part of installation), it alerts me bout 400x times that xy file is missing, do you want to skip... so I skipped'em all. That is strange, it never happend before, i used same installation CD on other computers with only difference that it was booted directly from CD. And after 2 restarts, when system is supposed to start, it freezes on startup screen... :no:

Does anybody know what i've done wrong?

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hmm, i didn't have choice, OS had to be installed there yesterday, so installed w2k unattended there and it works ok, but during installation it said> hardware malfunction...

so i looked into bios and wandered that all the problems that i encountered were probably because of highly overclocked cpu.... when i set it to normal speed, everything worked fine (with w2k).

90% it was the cause that winxp hang on start day before, but i can't prove it unfortunately...

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