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OPK OEM, Windows Update problem

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I have some questions about the OEM Sytem builder pack.

We are a computer manufacteur and deliver our product with XP

Proffesional SP2 preinstalled.

Problem is that our product NEEDS to be fully updated before we deliver

to our customers.

At the moment I have build our own image using the OPK kit (network

boot with Win PE etc..) and have started to update windows, installing

drivers etc.. But we get stuck! Windows needs to be activated in order

to fully update!?! the "Windows Genuine Advantage" requires us to

activate windows. All options I have at that moment is to reseal and

deploy my image to my target device.

I later need to continue to update Windows after I have activated the

image on my target. This takes A LOT of time to do this on every unit a


Is there any way that I can install all available Windows update before

reseal and only do the activation proceudre after deployment? I am a

little but confused how all this works so any ideas are very welcome!

Thank you in advance!


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Manually download updates from the Microsoft Download Centre. Ones that have this icon 2io6.gif

Run the command

KBxxx.exe /Integrate:<path_to_source>

Ones that have this icon 1fd9.gif Google for svcpack.inf

(I don't know if this is allowed or anything for corporate usage.)

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