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WinDVD silent install problem ..


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Hi ..

I'm really on a roll with silently installing all my applications and have now moved on to trying to silently install 'Installshield' type installations. I'm having a strange problem when trying to install 'WinDVD 7.0'. It's and Installshield type install file with a .exe extension. If I install it normally, I get the usual dialouge boxes in the following order : Welcome, Licence agreement, Destination folder, Startmenu Folder and two options dialouge boxes. If I use the -R switch to get a setup.iss file, I don't get an option to select where I want to install the program. Because of this WinDVD installs using its default path which is %ProgramFiles%\Intervideo\DVD7 and Common.

I took a look at the setup.iss file and it doesn't have an entry like 'AskDestPath' or even 'sdAskDestPath'. I tried to reorder the 'dlg' entries and add the 'sdAskDestPath' entry manually but it still installs to the above mentioned default path. I've tried everything I can think of to install the program to where i want it to be silently but no Cigar.

Has anyone had any luck getting this program to show the 'Select Dir' option in -R mode? Or maybe got it to happen manually editing the setup.iss file? Is this just the way the good folks over at Intervideo scripted their installer?

Any ideas? Suggestions?


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