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Cursors Won't Copy during TxtSetup...

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- - $$

- - - Cursors

- - - - Fedora Inverse

Above is the format of my cd.

Inside the Fedora Inverse are my cursors.

The whole lot doesn't copy during txtsetup...

Any ideas on what i'm doing wrong!?

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yes... oempreinstall is set to yes.

and no, i do not press f6 to install drivers.

This is such a bizarre problem.

I use HFSLIP and nlite.

and yes... I have selected the removal of cursors in nlite.

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I have my OS X cusor files in the root of the "$OEM$/$$/Cursor" folder and not inside a subfolder, if that makes any differnce, wouldnt hurt to try.

If the cursor file names are differnt than default Windows and you want to use a custom theme along with the custom cursors be sure to edit your .theme file/s with notepad and edit in the cursor filenames so you wont have to select them after install or rename the cursors filenames to default Windows.

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I figured out whats causing it...

I set nlite NOT to remove cursors, and my cursors folder and contents copy over fine.

BUT... If i add all the cursors I dont want to the removal list on nlite internet explorer doesn't install properly!

This is an nLite issue, and I'll raise it in atopic in that forum.

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