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Start RIS Installation without DHCP

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I want to know if its possible to start a RIS installation by using a Windows PE Version. We have the problem that our DHCP Server is installed with Linux and that doenst support Microsoft RIS.

My thought is it, to mount the Windows PE, format the drives and write the MBR and say it to ask the RIS Server for the data. By the next restart should the install starts.

I hope u understand my idea

cu later

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We are also using a Linux DNS/DHCP at our place and it works out nicely with RIS.... however, booting a client without a DHCP solution into PXE will NOT work, this is not a limitation of RIS, rather the boot chip on the client.

U will get an error something like:

"Error requesting IP address - PXE client error"

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thanks for reply. Maybe they dont't want to integrate it on their DHCP Server... But is there maybe another software which allows us to make a remote installation, which works better on the following points:

-does not need a DHCP Server

-lets format the HDD in different sizes

-is a original setup and not a image technology


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As long as u wanna boot a client/server over the network onto a remote source (this is called PXE..) u r pretty limited to having DHCP around. This has nothing to do with RIS, there are hundreds of PXE server softwares out there with atlest one thing in common... they all work with DHCP!

U really need to get DHCP up and running as the client machine (the one u r pressing F12 from..) is hardcoded to broadcast after an available DHCP server for a lease.....

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