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VMware Server

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VMware server free server virtualization.

Use the same tips as described in VMware Knowledge Base article for Installing GSX Server Silently

To install VMware Server silently on a Windows host, complete the following steps.

Extract the individual installation packages. Open a command prompt and, on one line, type:

VMware-server-installer-<xxxx>.exe /a /s /v"/qn TARGETDIR=C:\temp\server"

(where <xxxx> is a series of numbers representing version and build numbers)

Run the silent installation on the extracted installation packages. At the command prompt, on four separate lines, type:

msiexec -i "C:\temp\server\VMware Server Standalone.msi" ADDLOCAL=ALL DESKTOP_SHORTCUT=0 SERIALNUMBER="XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXX" /qn

msiexec -i "C:\temp\server\VMware Management Interface.msi" ADDLOCAL=ALL /qn

msiexec -i "C:\temp\server\VMware VmCOM Scripting API.msi" ADDLOCAL=ALL /qn

msiexec -i "C:\temp\server\VMware VmPerl Scripting API.msi" ADDLOCAL=ALL /qn

This installs all four components of VMware Server.

The installation command can be customized using standard Microsoft Windows Installer installation properties as well as any of the following

specific Properties

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This is great. Thanks for the info.

Wondering if anyone knows how to pass on to the installer such that the "allow virtual machines to auto start with the system" is enabled and how to append a ready made virtual server (C:\Virtual Machines\Virtual Machine) to a newly installed vmware installation with the "auto start in any order" option enabled.

Advance Thanks


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