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BSOD before at Windows Setup screen

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I have an HP with Centrino Duo on them. I'm using an image thats been working on all our other machines.

Whenever I being the sysprep(from ghost) or the unattended installed, I get the BSOD, and the error:


I have NO idea what to do. I've added the Intel 945 chipsets to $OEM$\$1\DRV\chipsets and the line in OEMpnpDriversPath.

I've even tried loading the mass storage drivers with F6. Still the error occurs.


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The Stop 0x7B message indicates that Windows XP has lost access to the system partition or boot volume during the startup process. Installing incorrect device drivers when installing or upgrading storage adapter hardware typically causes stop 0x7B errors. Stop 0x7B errors could also indicate possible virus infection.

The second parameter is very important because it can indicate whether the 0x7B Stop message was caused by file system issues or problems with storage hardware and drivers. Values of 0xC000034 or 0xC000000E typically indicate:

* Disks or storage controllers that are failing, defective, or improperly configured.

* Storage-related drivers or programs (tape management software, for example) that are not fully compatible with Windows XP Professional.

Possible Resolutions:

* During I/O system initialization, the controller or driver for the startup device (typically the hard disk) might have failed to initialize the necessary hardware. File system initialization might have failed because of disk or controller failure, or because the file system did not recognize the data on the boot device.

* Repartitioning disks, adding new disks, or upgrading to a new disk controller might cause the information in the Boot.ini file, or Boot Manager, to become outdated. If this Stop message occurs after installing new disks to your system, edit the Boot.ini file or adjust the Boot Manager parameters to allow the system to start. If the error occurs after upgrading the disk controller, verify that the new hardware is functioning and correctly configured.

* Verify that the system firmware and disk controller BIOS settings are correct and that the storage device was properly installed. If you are unsure, consult your computer's documentation about restoring default firmware settings or configuring your system to auto-detect settings. If the error occurs during Windows XP Professional setup, the problem might be due to unsupported disk controller hardware. In some cases, drivers for new hardware are not in the Windows XP Professional Driver.cab library, and you need to provide additional drivers to complete the Windows XP setup successfully. If this is the case, follow the hardware manufacturer's instructions when installing drivers. Periodically check for driver and firmware updates.

* Hard disk corruption can also cause this Stop message. For more information about checking hard disk integrity, see the instructions provided in "Stop 0x00000024 or NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM" earlier in this list.

* Problems that cause 0x7B errors might also cause Stop 0xED errors.

I would load bios defaults or try a bios upgrade and then load defaults. Next would be to download the hardrive manufactures dignostic floppy image and see if any errors show up..if not , do a low level format and retry the install over.

Edited by Randy Rhoads
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