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How to enable to sound cards?


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I recently bought a sound blaster x-fi fatality sound card and after I installed it, my onboard sound got off (not disabled) So when I try to plug in additional speaker to the onboard sound it doesnt work. The reason I am trying to get the onboard sound to work is because of my CASE which is an aspire x-cruiser which has an volume gauge, it only works when the onboard sound work, here is a link to the case http://aspireusa.net/product.php?pid=164&x...b74444a10b1fab5 is their a way to make the onboard sound work? has well the x-fi sound card? In my previous computer I had the onboard sound and the external sound card work both at the same time. Help would be much appreciated.

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Hmmm.... looks nice :)

Have you been to the creative forum's and/or contacted creative - you never know but they might be able to suggest something.

Sorry i cant help though.


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