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Unattended Works Different to RIS


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Can someone please explain to me why Unattended Setups and RIS are working differently for me?

I have some machines I want to be able to install to. They have single partitions with existing Windows installs. If i set up a RIS server to install from it will work fine, no prompting

However, if i set up an Unattend.txt and a network share and try to install the clients from there, I am prompted to delete their existing Windows installations, and then this doesn't work. They have no other partitions so I guess AutoPartition=1 can't work. I am not able to delete their existing partitions so installation can't continue

If use the same unattend file as a winnt.sif with the CD, then this works and existing installations are deleted etc., so i am baffled

Part of my simple unattend.txt that works as winnt.sif with a local CD, but not over the network!!!!














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Thanks Andy,

For RIS the $oem$ sits alongside the i386, for unattend it is inside it. I dont require an $oem$ at this time, but placed unattend.txt inside i386 folder. So if that is wrong, I don't know..it still prompts for deleting existing installation

I think I may need a switch for the unattend.txt myself but don't know what it is

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