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Hello All,

I finally figured out a way to make the runonceex to work. i made a .reg file and set it to run under guirunonce under winnt.sif. i put the applications and the reg file in CD\$oem$\$1\Apps\. i have to restart to get it to work, but when i do, it does start but it gives me an error that says the path or file is not found. Please see the attached reg file and see if i screwed up anything. i checked the physical path and it is correct, i dont know what im missing.



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I'm not sure about why your reg file isn't working, but perhaps you could create an "unattend.cmd" file on your CD in \$OEM$\$1\INSTALL, and call it from [setupParams]. Again, make sure all of your .msi files are in \$OEM$\$1\INSTALL.

In your WINNT.SIF file, you'd have the following:

TimeZone = xxx
AdminPassword = *
OemSkipWelcome = 1
OEMSkipRegional = 1
AutoLogon = YES
AutoLogonCount = 1


Then, in your unattend.cmd file, you'd have the following:

SET KEY=HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx

REG ADD %KEY% /V TITLE /D "Installing Applications" /f

REG ADD %KEY%\005 /VE /D "Adobe Acrobat" /f
REG ADD %KEY%\005 /V 1 /D "\"%systemdrive%\Install\Adobe Acrobat 6.msi\" /qn" /f

REG ADD %KEY%\010 /VE /D "BitDefender Internet Security" /f
REG ADD %KEY%\010 /V 1 /D "\"%systemdrive%\Install\BitDefender Internet Security.msi\" /qn" /f

REG ADD %KEY%\015 /VE /D "Dot Net Framework 2" /f
REG ADD %KEY%\015 /V 1 /D "\"%systemdrive%\Install\Dot Net Framework 2.msi\" /qn" /f

REG ADD %KEY%\020 /VE /D "MDAC 2.8 SP1" /f
REG ADD %KEY%\020 /V 1 /D "\"%systemdrive%\Install\MDAC 2.8 SP1.msi\" /qn" /f

REG ADD %KEY%\025 /VE /D "Nero 6" /f
REG ADD %KEY%\025 /V 1 /D "\"%systemdrive%\Install\Nero 6.msi\" /qn" /f

REG ADD %KEY%\030 /VE /D "O&O Defrag" /f
REG ADD %KEY%\030 /V 1 /D "\"%systemdrive%\Install\O&O Defrag.msi\" /qn" /f

REG ADD %KEY%\035 /VE /D "Windows Install 3.1" /f
REG ADD %KEY%\035 /V 1 /D "\"%systemdrive%\Install\Windows Install 3.1.msi\" /qn" /f

REG ADD %KEY%\040 /VE /D "Windows NT IP Config" /f
REG ADD %KEY%\040 /V 1 /D "\"%systemdrive%\Install\Windows NT IP Config.msi\" /qn" /f

REG ADD %KEY%\045 /VE /D "WinRar 3.2" /f
REG ADD %KEY%\045 /V 1 /D "\"%systemdrive%\Install\WinRar 3.2.msi\" /qn" /f

The script would run at T-9 in Windows setup, and your runonce installation would run on the first login (which would be done automagically).

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Thank you for your taking the time to reply with such an in-depth answer. seriously. But, i have actually tried that so many times, im sick of it. i have made 39 iso's so far with similar results, nothing. alot of the time my problem was with the actual RunOnceEx.cmd file itself. after i was actually able to get the thing to run, it gave me the errors about cmdow and reg.exe which i found answers to. After that it kept giving me the error message, "Too many command-line parameters". i never got to the bottom of that. i have read many of the tutorials about building automated cds and have tried many ways to get this to work. This is the only way i have found to work. when i run the file in windows, it adds to the registry. when i build the cd it works fine except for that stupid error. the program pops up on re-start and starts down the list, pausing at each one to spit an error at the screen, " path or file not found! C:\Install\Adobe Acrobat 6.msi". Do you mind looking at the .reg file and see if i set things up correctly?


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