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Sequential PO Numbers generated


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Hi there.

I'm trying to create a Purchase Order form for a small business that I work for. I'm in the process of making all the forms uniform, but this one's got me stumped.

You see, purchase orders always come with a number assigned to them. Each time you write one, the number is one integer higher than the last you wrote. Well, I'm trying to find a way to put an automatically generated PO number in there so that, no matter who opens it, it will never again regenerate the same number.

I considered using variations of the date and time field, but that was such a long number that it just wouldn't work.

I'd like it to start from, say "KT-0001" and move up to "KT-0002" on the next load of that file. Any advice on some method making this work?

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Will all the users have access to the same shared drive?

if so then although there is potential for a access lock, you could creat a file each time on the shared drive (hidden) then increments?

the file could be renamed on a docuemnt opening , and using the "FileSystemOBject" you could check if a file exists , giving the user a message telling them that another user is currently using the form?

not the best solution but i hope it helps :)



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